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The Order in the Americas

Our work in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean is led by our very active Grand Priory of the Americas.

The Grand Priory operates through local Encampments, and as these become firmly established, they are upgraded to full-blown Commanderies in the fullness of time.

In addition to supporting the Order's overall work with projects for communities in Africa and the Middle East, the Grand Priory also fundraises for a number of good causes closer to home. In the United States, our members support a number of charities, most notably the Green Beret Foundation, which supports relief and rehabiliation work with veterans of the US Army Special Forces. Our Belize encampment is looking to set up an ambulance service, and our Jamaica encampment works to support local amputees.

The Officers of the Grand Priory of the Americas are:

Grand Prior
Chevalier Robert Soderstrom

Grand Deputy Prior
Chevalier Richard Clinchy

Grand Chancellor
Chevalier Robert Gordon

Grand Secretary
Chevalier Rick Conn

Grand Treasurer
Dame Sue Gordon

Grand Scrivener
Chevalier Chris Thompson

Grand Registrar
Chevalier Chris Chapman

Grand Avocat
Chevalier William Vincent

Grand Hospitaller
Chevalier Richard Clinchy

Grand Adjutant and Liaison (Latin America)
Chevalier Herb Rivera

Chaplain General
Chevalier Rev. Roger Allen

Grand Archivist
Chevalier Dr. Lawrence Lewis Ph.d

Grand Director of Music
Chevalier Peter Waggoner

Grand Master of Postulants
Chevalier Thomas Smith Ph.d

Grand Draper
Dame Sandra Vincent

Currently, our American Encampments and Commanderies are:

Arizona Commandery

Belize Encampment

Florida Commandery

Georgia Commandery

Jamaica Encampment

Mississippi Encampment

Oklahoma Encampment

Ontario Encampment

Pennsylvania/Maryland Encampment

The Grand Priory of the America's website, Facebook and YouTube pages can be accessed from the links below.

Welcoming the Grand Priory of the Americas
Our Americas Grand Commandery is now a full Priory.

Ambulances for Belize
We're working on San Pedro island to establish an ambulance service.

Supporting programmes in the Phiippines
We have sent $40,000 in medical supplies to the southern Philippines.

Medical support to Nigeria
The Americas Grand Commandery is leading our work in support of When in Need Foundation.

The Green Beret Foundation
Supported by our Grand Commandery of the Americas, the Green Beret Foundation (GBF) provides direct and continuous support to the Green Beret Community and its families.