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Organizing a Care Pack for Samara's Aid Appeal

Important note: Please ensure that you are registered with Samara's Aid Appeal as a collector before organizing a Care Pack. Please use the contact form here.

Care Packs are banana boxes (free from most supermarkets) filled with essential items that will be given to someone, in need of humanitarian assistance, who is in greater need of support or encouragement. The knowledge that someone on the other side of the world has taken the time to buy and send these things to them means so much.

Banana boxes are big enough to feel like a substantial gift, as well as meeting a number of these people’s desperate needs. They are a way for us offer a practical demonstration of love to these traumatised people, and show them we care.

Step by step instructions for completing Care Packs can be found here.

For some families, filling a box or two themselves will be fine. Others will want to get together with a few friends or their church groups. Each box is for one person and the boxes need to be full before Samara's Aid Appeal can send them. We are asking every member of the Order to support this important work by collecting one or more Care Packs for Samara's Aid Appeal.

Above: A completed Care Pack


Dignity Bags for the Middle East
The Order has delivered a consignment of Dignity Bags to Samara's Aid Appeal.

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