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Organizing a Care Pack for Samara's Aid Appeal

Important note: Please ensure that you are registered with Samara's Appeal as a collector before organizing a Care Pack. You can register here.

Fill a banana box (free from most supermarkets) with essential items that will be given to someone, in need of humanitarian assistance, who is in greater need of support or encouragement. The knowledge that someone on the other side of the world has taken the time to buy and send these things to them means so much. Sadly, the needs of pregnant/post-natal mothers and newborn babies are not being met by the aid agencies as there is not enough money to feed everyone, let alone provide for their other needs.

Banana boxes are big enough to feel like a substantial gift, as well as meeting a number of these people’s desperate needs. They are a way for us offer a practical demonstration of love to these traumatised people, and show them we care. For some families, filling a box or two themselves will be fine. Others will want to get together with a few friends or their church groups. You will need one checklist for each box and will need to tick off each item as you pack it. This list must be accurate, and nothing at all can be included if it is not on the list. This list is for Customs so it must be right. The list should be securely taped to the top of the box once packed, so anyone looking at it from the top can see exactly who is it for, and what is in it.

Above: A completed Care Pack

Each box is for one person and the boxes need to be full before Samara's Aid Appeal can send them. If there is any space, please bulk it out with some of the same items that are already on the list. You can fill one of these boxes for £35-55 pounds if you are a thrifty shopper! Please include a photograph of the packer/team with one of the personal messages which you can download from the website. Step by step instructions can be found here.

If you can make a contribution towards transport costs this is also very helpful and can be done through the Samara's Aid Appeal giving page.