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Dignity Bags for Samara's Aid Appeal

Important note: If you are planning the collection of more than 20 Dignity Bags please ensure that you are registered with Samara's Aid Appeal as a collector. Please use the contact form here. If you want to support the Order's central collection of Dignity Bags please see the details further down this page.

Many female refugees in the Middle East have been through tremendous hardships and most face a very bleak future. Dignity Bags supplied by Samara's Aid Appeal contain some of the essential items they need just to maintain a basic sense of dignity. All the items are easy to buy in supermarkets or online.

Preparing one or more Dignity Bags is a manageable project for a single individual or you can club together with your church, school or workplace to fill several Dignity Bags.

More details of what it required and a full list of the contents of a Dignity Bag appear on the Samara's Aid Appeal website here.

We are asking every member of the Order to complete at least one Dignity Bag or to support our central collection.

Above: Completed Dignity Bags.

The Order's central collection of Dignity Bags

Not able to collect a Dignity Bag? Please support the Order's central collection. We have costed a Dignity Bag at around £25, including transport. (Surplus funds will be used to create more Dignity Bags).

To sponsor a Dignity Bag using PayPal/debit/credit card please use 'Buy Now' the button below. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please contact the Grand Scrivener who will provide payment details.


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