Special Prayers for St. George's Day

Special Prayers for St. George's Day

Dated: 24/04/2009

The Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali (Lord Bishop of Rochester) extended a most gracious invitation to attend special prayers on St. George's Day (April 23rd) in honour of England's Patron Saint and Martyr, St. George. A contingent of Knights and Dames from the Knightly Order Valiant of St. George (led by inter faith advocate Chev. Steve Nimmons) attended Rochester Cathedral, and immensely enjoyed the spiritual refreshment that this occasion afforded.

Prayers included the concerns:

  • The people of God, that they may proclaim the risen Lord and live courageously
  • God's creation, that the peoples of the earth may meet their responsibility to care and show chivalry in public life and service
  • Those in despair and darkness, that they may find the hope and light of Christ
  • Those in fear and death, that they may find faith through the resurrection
  • Prisoners, captives and all who suffer for Christ in conscience
  • The people of England, our national life and the values and practices of society and government.

Knights and Dames of the Knightly Order Valiant of St. George with the Bishop of Rochester.

Members of the Order with the Bishop of Rochester

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