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The names of candidates initially accepted for admission to the Order will appear here for one month.
After a month the Grand Council review the application and any representations.
After final review, candidates will be informed by email of the outcome.
After final approval and - 1) on receipt of acceptance from the candidate  to join the Order and - 2) the rank offered to the candidate, their name will be removed from the gazette page.
Successful candidates will be sent the Order's information pack and associated documentaion by post.


Name Surname Date Approved County Country Rank Date Gazetted
Melanie Rich 8th Nov 2019 Surrey UK DStG 12th Nov 2019
Halbyn Rich 8th Nov 2019 Surrey UK KStG 12th Nov 2019
Helen Haslock 8th Nov 2019 Hampshire UK OStG 12th Nov 2019
Lt Col Larry Davis 8th Nov 2019 London UK KStG 12th Nov 2019
Susan Williams 8th Nov 2019 London UK DStG 15th Nov 2019
Mikael Stjernberg 8th Nov 2019 Porvee Finland KStG 16th Nov 2019
Anthony McVeigh 8th Nov 2019 Surrey UK KStG 18th Nov 2019


If you have any comments or concerns about the suitability of these candidates, please raise them in confidence with our Director of Membership.