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Membership of the International Knightly Order of St George is offered to ladies and gentlemen over the age of 21 who are making a positive contribution to social through charitable works or through service in the armed or rescue services.

An invitation to join the Order normally follows nomination by an existing member. However, requests to join from individuals are also given due consideration. A successful membership application will have little to do with a person’s material success; rather it will be an acknowledgement of a person’s character and integrity.

Applicants should note that the names of candidates are gazetted (published) on this website here. This is in order for existing members to make any comments, which will be received in confidence, on the suitability of any candidate.

New members are appointed as Officers of the Order of St. George and receive the Officer's neck jewel as part of their first year's membership. (See here for more details about the grades and symbols within the Order.)

Officers pay an annual subscription, currently set at £40.

We welcome applications for membership worldwide.

If you would like to join our Order, please complete and return this petition form.