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Our Grand Patron, H.E. Col. Dame Iris Karászy-Kulin MKN GCStG DCLJ CMLJ, addresses the Order.

The Officers of the Order

Grand Patron of the Order
H.E. Col. Dame Iris Karászy-Kulin MKN GCStG GCLJ CMLJ

Spiritual Protector
H.E. The Reverend Canon The Chevalier Andrew White GCStG

H.E. Bishop The Chevalier Angaelos GCStG
The Right Hon Colonel The Baroness Cox GCStG FRCS FRCM  

Grand Prior
H.E. The Chevalier Simon McIlwaine MKN GCStG KL CLJ MMLJ MA FRSA FRSM ACIArb
Deputy Grand Prior and Grand Chancellor of the Grand Priory
H.E. The Chevalier Mark Haley MKN GCStG KMStG CLJ MMLJ BSc

Deputy Grand Priors
H.E. The Chevalier Howard Doe MKN GCStG

H.E. The Chevalier Dr Keith Salmon CStG KMStG

Deputy Grand Prior and Grand Herald
The Chevalier Stephen Nimmons GCStG

Grand Secretary
The Chevalier Clive Warham, KCStG

Grand Treasurer
Colonel The Chevalier Steven Turner GCStG

Grand Examiner & Inspector General
Currently vacant

Grand Hospitaller
H.E. Col. Dame Iris Karászy-Kulin MKN GCStG DMStG GCLJ CMLJ

Grand Almoner
The Chevalier Michael Fahey KCStG

Chaplain General
H.E. The Chevalier The Reverend Martin Charles GCStG

Deputy Chaplains General
Brother The Chevalier Michael Powell CJ KCStG
The Chevalier The Reverend Prebendary Jeremy Crossley KStG

The Chevalier The Reverend Aidan Harker KStG

Grand Director of Ceremonies
The Chevalier William Fenoughty CGStG

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
H.E. The Chevalier Christopher Hayward GCStG

Grand Marshals
The Chevalier Ian Tough MKN KCStG KLJ JP
The Chevalier John Snelgrove KCStG

Grand Director of Music of the Grand Priory of the United Kingdom
H.E. The Chevalier Dr. Keith Salmon MKN GCStG KMStG

Grand Archivist of the Grand Priory of the United Kingdom
The Dame Ann Doak DCStG CLJ

Grand Scrivener
H.E. Colonel The Chevalier Stuart Notholt MA(Oxon) FRGS FCIJ GCStG

Grand Victualler
The Chevalier Ian Smart KCStG

Deputy Grand Secretary
H.E. Dame Angela King MKN GCStG CMLJ

Grand Banner Bearer
Colonel The Chevalier Andrew Smith KCStG

Grand Sword Bearer
The Chevalier Ian Smart KCStG

Commander of the Thistle and Rose Commandery of Scotland
H.E. The Chevalier Stephen Campbell GCStG MMStG

Deputy Grand Prior and Commander of the Grand Commandery of North America
H.E. Colonel The Chevalier Robert E Soderstrom GCStG BBA

Commander of the Royal Hospital Commandery
H.E. Colonel The Chevalier Brian Cumming MBE GCStG

Kentucky Colonels in the Order

Many of the officers of the Order are Kentucky Colonels and so use the honorific 'colonel' in their titles.

The award of a Kentucky Colonel is given by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA. It is made by the Governor of Kentucky in recognition of services to the community, and as such should be used with pride by all holders.

The use of the term 'colonel' originated in military usage. However, it should be stressed that it does not denote that the holder has the military rank of Colonel in the US or other armed service.

North American officers
Full list of the officers of our North American Grand Commandery.