Regalia order form

If you are being invested (or promoted) at our next Investiture, you will need to purchase the regalia appropriate to your new rank. 

If you already have a mantle (gown) please note that you do not need to buy another one as the same mantle is used for all ranks.

You should already have a neck jewel. This will be swapped for a new one at the Investiture. (Knights/Dames wear a neck jewel with a blue ribbon; Commanders have a red ribbon and Grand Crosses have a purple ribbon. The neck jewels are otherwise identical.)

Please note regalia items will be presented to you at the Investiture. They are not mailed in advance.

Please use the PayPal options below to pay for your regalia or use this form if you are paying by cheque.

Knight or Dame

You will need a mantle (gown). 

Knight or Dame Commander

You will need a mantle and breast star.

Grand Cross

You will need a mantle, a breast star, and a sash.

Mantle (£100)


Commander’s Breast Star (£65)

Grand Cross Sash (£55)

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