The Order of St. George has partnered with Studebaker Defense Group, which maintains a global presence in the military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, to drive support for humanitarian aid and refugee support efforts worldwide.

Together, Studebaker Defense Group and the Order will be able to safeguard and responsibly evacuate at-risk populations across the globe, but our current efforts are focused on supporting civilians trying to flee the war in Ukraine.

We do not claim to ‘rescue’ people because we believe that even in a war zone, people deserve to maintain their autonomy and make their own decisions. Rather, we arm people with the information and the options they need to navigate their own path, to include:

Real-time and accurate information about conditions on the ground to help guide a person’s decision on whether to stay or go;

– Routes for safe passage for those able to self-evacuate;

– Staffed evacuation teams for individuals needing special assistance to reach safe havens; and

– Ongoing humanitarian support once refugees arrive to a new host nation.

Putin’s war on Ukraine has displaced hundreds of thousands of people within the country. More than two million refugees from Ukraine crossed borders into neighbouring countries, including Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Hungary.

There are some more details in the brochure here.

 Please support this vital work now.


US dollar donations

Please donate using the details below:

Order of St George Ukrainian Relief Fund account is operational now at Regions Bank Routing #: 061101375 Account #: 0319291116

Incoming ACH deposits are available immediately.


Account: 0319291116

Routing Number: 062005690

International SWIFT Code: UPNBUS44

Bank Address: 1900 5th Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

Bank Phone Number: 1.800 – REGIONS


Please visit our UK Ukraine Appeal page to donate in UK pounds (£).

Photo credit: Kyiv City Council

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