The International Knightly Order of St George promotes and pursues the timeless traditions of chivalry by compassion and supporting works of charity. The Order focuses on supporting charities that work with current and former service personnel, and with Christian communities suffering religious persecution.

Saint George is the patron saint both of soldiers and of many countries and communities around the world, particularly in the Middle East. True to this heritage, we focus our work on supporting vulnerable communities in the Middle East and Africa, and in the welfare of NATO and Commonwealth armed forces personnel and veterans.

Delivering medical and humanitarian aid

Working with services charities

Supporting educational programmes


The Order of St George is a worldwide confraternity of men and women who seek to support, in a modest way, the timeless social virtues of compassion, charity, faithfulness and courage – in a word, chivalry. We take our inspiration from the original Order of St. George established in 1326 in Hungary, which was the very first royal and military order of chivalry.

The modern Order is a registered charity and a UN accredited NGO. It members are drawn from all walks of life, and from across the globe.

Today’s Officers, Knights, and Dames of St George uphold the virtues of chivalry and undertake to support our charitable and humanitarian mission around the world.


The Order of St. George welcomes members from around the world. We work through two Grand Priories – the Americas Grand Priory leads our activities in North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, while the UK Grand Priory takes care of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world..

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Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

As Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues to horrify the world, we are now witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfolding not only in Ukraine, but in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania. To focus our efforts where they will be most effective, the Order's...

London Commandery initiative

London Commandery initiative

For some time, it has been the Grand Prior’s wish to create Commanderies across the UK, the better to reflect more local identity, specific area events and closer contact between members within localities. Up until now, there has been no London Commandery and it is felt that this is a lost...

St.George and Scouting

St.George and Scouting

Join us 7:30pm EST Sunday, February 20th for a special presentation on St George and the Boy Scouts. Carter Wood, Georgia Council Commissioner, will give a Zoom presentation on Lord Baden-Powell and St. George's influence on the Scouting movement. Please register here.

Into 2022 at KITC

Into 2022 at KITC

The Order’s Educational Scholarship Fund has become a ‘life liberator’ for many families in Moshi, Tanzania. Now welcoming its sixth cohort of scholars, the Kilimanjaro Information Technology Centre’s programme aims to counter gender based violence and the disadvantages many young women face in...

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Will you help?

Membership in the Order is open to men and women who have shown their concern for, and contribution to, the world around them. If you would like to join the Order or help with our work, we would love to hear from you.