The Order of St George is organizing a book drive in support of the teachers and students at Kilimanjaro Information Technology College in Moshi, Tanzania.

The aim is to provide educationally enriching reading materials to teachers and students at the college, which currently has no library. Once set up, the library will not only serve the college but also local elementary and high schools, most of which do not have their own libraries.

The Order of St. George Book Drive is sponsored by Dr. The Chevalier Thomas Smith, in partnership with his Simba Foundation, and chaired by Dr. The Chevalier Lawrence Lewis of Loyola University, New Orleans.

“We are interested in appropriate books that primary school teachers might use for classroom enrichment, and that secondary school students might make use of for academic research projects or for personal enrichment,” says Thomas.

The books need not be textbooks, they should be relevant to some area of academic exploration such as science or social studies. For example, books written for children on such topics as the solar system, architecture, and the biographies of distinctive persons are most welcome. (Paperback novels or comic books would not be appropriate.)

Supporters affiliated with the Grand Priory of the Americas are asked to send their book donations to Dr. Smith at 456 Townsend Bend, Stockbridge, GA 30281, USA

Those affiliated with the UK Grand Priory and other locations are invited to ship their donations directly to the school at:

Dr. Onesmo A. M. Ngowi
Kilimanjaro Information Technology College
35-38 Ghalla Road, Section IV/Block VI
P.O. BOX 1106
Moshi, Tanzania EAST AFRICA
(Land Line Tel: +255-27275343434)

For further information, Dr. Smith or Dr. Lewis