The Complete Illustrated History of Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry
Charles Phillips

This colourful and informative book makes the perfect gift for a family member – or just for your own bookshelf.

Packed with information about the history and practice of chivalry and the role of the knight, plus plenty of details about castles, heraldry, battles, and tournaments, Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry is virtually an “owner’s manual” for the knight and those who aspire to follow the chivalric values.

Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry mentions the Order of St. George in three places.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters we have a limited stock of Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry available for sale. All proceeds will go to the Order.

“The first (of the chivalric Orders) was probably the Order of St.George, founded in Hungary by King Charles in 1325. [sic] It was a brotherly union of knights who swore to defend the realm and protect the king, and to follow him in ‘pastimes and knightly sports’ – doubtless a reference to tournaments they contested. Unlike the later orders … the Order of St. George did not have the monarch as its head.”
– Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry, page 110. 

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