We’ve all been very concerned about the impact of the fire devastation that has taken place in Australia, and several members of the Order have asked what we can do to help.

Melanie Rich, who is to be invested as Dame in the Order at Rochester this year, is leading the Order’s support of the Australian emergency relief campaign. She is a Scout Leader for Shere and Peaslake in Surrey and is a significant fundraiser for a number of charities.

In February she is off to Australia and is keen to support the Scout movement in Australia who are pulling together to help rebuild after the devastation.

The Order is supporting Melanie in her fundraising and we are asking all members for the Order to help Australian Scouts in their vital work.

You can make a donation to Melanie’s work through the Order’s PayPal page. Everyone who donates £10 or more will be eligible to receive the Australian Scouts Bushfire Badge pictured above. (Melanie will be collecting these while in Australia.)

Alternatively, you can made a donation directly to the Scout’s Emergency Relief Campaign, or buy a Bushfire Badge for yourself.

We hope as many members of the Order as possible will support this campaign to help our Australian friends.