This is certainly a St. George’s Day like no other, but although our country may be in lockdown, the Order of St. George is not. Many members of the Order, both in the UK and internationally, are helping lead the fight against COVID-19, whether as front-line responders in the medical or law enforcement services, or as volunteers working in their communities. We salute them all and pray for their continued safety.

Please remember to join us this evening by lighting a candle as a gesture of hope and solidarity.

How you can play your part

I hope all members of the Order will continue to play their part in global efforts against COVID-19 – always providing, of course, that you can do so without risk to yourself or others. Please regularly visit our COVID-19 resources page for details.

An Icon of Protection

Since Old Testament times man and women have, in times of trouble, put a sign of protection on their doors to guard against evil. Our Order of St. George icon shows our Patron slaying a coronavirus-ridden dragon. If you would like a free copy please visit this page. Please consider ordering additional copies to post to friends and neighbours.

Operation Bluebird

As Her Majesty the Queen reminded us in her inspirational address to the nations of the Commonwealth, once coronavirus has passed “we will meet again”. To help the Order prepare for this, and to help the many cultural and historic organizations whose bookings have a collapsed, we are asking all supporters of the Order to turn their minds to events that we might enjoy together. It would be good to enter 2021 with a full diary of things to look forward to. Please visit the Operation Bluebird page for details.

Let us also remember that whilst lockdown is for most of us merely an inconvenience, it is as nothing compared to the sufferings of many of our fellow Christians around the world, to whom the threat of arbitrary imprisonment and violent death are a daily reality. We must hold them especially in our prayers at this time.

Yours Under the Banner of St. George,

Stuart A Notholt, MA(Oxon) FRGS FCIJ GCStG
Grand Prior (Elect) of the Order in the United Kingdom
Magisterium Officium