The names of candidates under consideration for admission to the Order by the Grand Council will appear here for one month. Gazetting does not gaurantee admittance to the Order.

There are three stages within the admission process:-
Stage 1 – Initial acceptance by the Grand Council – gazetting.
Stage 2 – Final review. After a month the Grand Council review the application again and any representations made to the Director of Membership.
After final review and approval, candidates will be informed by email of the outcome by the Director of Membership.
Stage 3 – Full admission to the order with entitlements.
Rank and entitlements can only be used:-
           a) on receipt of an acceptance email to join the Order from the candidate to the Director of Membership at the rank offered and
           b) on receipt of their oblation relevant to the rank offered.

Once Stages 3.a and 3.b have been met, the new member’s name will be removed from the gazette page and they will be sent the Order’s joining pack and associated documentation relevant to their rank. Until that time, their name will remain in the gazette and reviewed for further consideration by the Grand Council. Where Stage 3 is not met and any period of grace has elapsed, the application will be ended.

Prior to investiture by the Grand Prior at a formal ceremony, Knights will be a Knight Expectant and Dames will be a Dame Expectant. 

Candidates Under Consideration:


Name Surname Date Approved County/City Country Rank Date Gazetted
Fabio de Santis 6th February 2022 Surrey UK KStG 25th February 2022
Andrae Peipi 28th March 2022 Porirua New Zealand OStG 31st March 2022
Abel Pang 28th March 2022 Hong Kong China OStG 3rd April 2022
Michael Desrosiers  2nd May 2022 Bangkok Thailand OStG 2nd May 2022
Sam O’Connell 9th May 2022 Essex UK Squire 10th May 2022
Tracy Evans 10th May 2022 Essex UK DStG 10th May 2022
Carole Price 16th May 2022 Coventry UK DStG 16th May 2022
Matthew Wilson 14th June 2022 Buckingham UK KStG 16th June 2022
Ash McKee 15th June 2022 Hertfordshire UK OStG 16th June 2022

If you have any comments or concerns about the suitability of these candidates, please raise them in confidence with our Director of Membership.

The name of members who have received further honours or advancement from the Grand Prior will be published here:

Name Surname Date approved County/City Country Current Honour Date Gazetted
Gerrit Rademeyer 13th June 2022 Flamwood South Africa OStG KStG 14th June 2022
Douglas Bainbridge 13th June 2022 Stevenage, Herts UK KStG KCStG 19th June 2022


13th June 2022 London UK KStG KCStG 19th June 2022

N.B – Medal of Merit (MMStG)  – Knight Medal of Merit (KMStG)