Following an appeal from contacts in Serbia, which has been particularly badly hit by COVID-19, the Order was able to use its worldwide medical supply contacts and engage the support of other chivalric orders to deliver 20,000 face coverings to the Serbia Red Cross in Belgrade.

“On behalf of the staff and volunteers of the Red Cross of Serbia, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of 20,000 disposable face masks”, said Ljubomir Miladinovic, Secretary General of the Red Cross of Serbia.

“Thanks to your generosity Red Cross staff members and volunteers have been able to deliver our humanitarian mission to the benefit of the people in need across the whole country.  Solidarity, braveness and commitment shown by our volunteers and staff during this crisis proved once again that values routed in our fundamental principles and belief in humanity are of immense importance. Your solidarity and support is yet another example of how we can get out of this crisis together.”

Photo by Drug Addiction Clinic Vita CC BY-SA 4.0