The Order of St. George Educational Scholarship Fund aims to help eliminate educational poverty in Tanzania by providing young women a way to escape from Gender Based Violence, complete their education and become productive citizens of Tanzania.

Many young girls are affected by various forms of Gender Based Violence just because they were born female. Gender Based Violence comes in many different forms. It can lead to girls dropping out of school early from lack of money to pay school fees and uniforms, sexual harassment in school, lack of sanitary restrooms and supplies for young girls, attacks while walking to school, HIV and other health concerns, forced genital mutilation, and being forced to marry at young age so their parents can receive a large dowry.

The Order of St George Educational Scholarship Fund, Tanzania, East Africa fights Gender Based Violence by providing the means to help these young women rise above these debilitating issues, allowing them to receive a quality vocational education, secure a job and live a dignified and productive life.

A one-year scholarship cost only $600/£500. This includes tuition, textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. It also provides a daily meal, annual medical physical and some transportation expenses.

The process of selecting these young women focuses on the most vulnerable. The girls are visited in their homes and the parents are interviewed directly by Dr. Onesmo Ngowi, founder and executive vice president of our partner, the Kilimanjaro Information Technology College. This is where the girls go to school when they receive their scholarship. The parents sign an agreement that they will allow their daughter to return to school, complete their education, and enter into a productive job in the workforce. Parents also commit to not allowing their daughter to be married at a young age.

The lives of these girls can be changed forever. Rather than facing a life of ruin, humiliation and despair, they now have a future filled with promise, self-esteem and productivity. Your sponsorship does make a difference.

To support the The Order of St George Educational Scholarship Fund please contact Chevalier Thomas Smith for more information, or donate a Scholarship using the option below.