The Order is a cooperating partner with the Zentralrat Orientalischer Christen in Deutschland (the Central Council Of Oriental Christians in Germany). ZOCD is a non-profit association of Christians living in Germany who belong to the Oriental churches, including the members of the Coptic, Greek Orthodox, Chaldean, Syrian Orthodox, and Armenian Apostolic Churches, amongst others. Today, there are an estimated 650,000 Oriental Christians living in Germany.

ZOCD aims to foster cultural and religious tolerance, believing that it is only on the basis of peaceful dialogue that we can pave the way for a sustainable peaceful coexistence of all ethnic groups in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

ZOCD projects focus on ensuring that democratic and social rights are fully available to citizens in the Middle East, in particular the right to religious freedom, including the right to change religion, freedom of expression, and equality between men and women.

The Central Council also focuses on general youth support through education and cultural exchange with the various Christian denominations within Germany, educating the younger generation about the different Christian traditions and making them more aware of their cultural values.