Please use this page to order regalia.

For a Knight or Dame – you will need a mantle (gown);

For a Knight Commander or Dame Commander – you will need a breast star and a mantle; 

For a Grand Cross – you will need a sash (which comes with a medallion to weigh it down while wearing), a breast star and a mantle.

The regalia you order will be presented to you at the Investiture. It will NOT be mailed to you in advance.

If you have previously received an Officer’s neck jewel, please wear it at the Investiture. It will be replaced with the neck jewel appropriate to your new rank when you are invested at your new rank.

Please use the links below to order regalia, If you need to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please contact the Grand Treasurer.


 Mantle (£150)


Breast star (£65)


Sash + weighting medallion (£80)