Members of the Order of St George and the Countess of Mountbatten Frontiersman recently distributed two metric tonnes of food to the needy in the North London area. Children in the area will be fed with healthy and wholesome food for at least a few days. Their parents can save the money that would have gone on food, helping with keeping up with spiralling food costs and paying bills. Those adults who are vulnerable or in great poverty can enjoy the basic human comfort of healthy food.

“People will remember the good deed of today,” says the Order’s Secretary General Roger D’Elia, “thus promoting a better understanding of how charity is not just a word but action. Partnerships and friendships were formed and a sense of accomplishment was felt by all.

“It is just nice to see smiling faces without fear and favour for today the simple drop of unconditional love for your fellow human beings is worth more than all the wealth of a rich man.”