part of the Order’s ongoing Ukrainian Humanitarian Effort we have aided in the evacuation of 800 at risk civilians at the start of the war, solicited major donations of medical supplies and medicine which have been shipped to the Ukraine, and helped re-settle child refugees in Moldova.

One of our next initiatives is to provide Critical Incident Stress Management training to Ukrainian counterparts to treat children and civilians with PTSD.

We aim to send a group of highly trained doctors and military veterans to the region.

We want to raise over £50,000 to cover the expenses associated with sending and supporting the team in Ukraine.

To help this, we are launching our Ukraine Relief Patron schedule to recognize donations towards our relief work in Ukraine.

Supporters will receive a beautiful medal set (regular and miniature medals) recognizing their donations towards the project as Ukrainian Relief Patrons with an accompanying certificate. An additional ribbon length is provided for mounting purposes.

Silver medal set – £1,000

Gold medal set – £2,000

Please buy your medal set below. You do not need not be a member of St. George to become a Ukraine Relief Patron.



Ukraine Relief Patron medal set

(Please visit the Americas Grand Priory website for donations in US dollars.)