;The Order is so pleased to receive a gracious and beneficent donation of £50,000 worth of medical equipment from:

  • Professor Art T. Tucker BSc(Hons) PhD SRCS CSci FRSB FICR FICA
  • Citizen & Apothecary of London,
  • Chevalier des Fins Gousiers d’Anjou,
  • Seahorse Consultancy, London. United Kingdom – Hamilton, Bermuda.

Our Secretary General, Chevalier Roger D’Eila, GCStG, accompanied by  Colonel the Chevalier Larry Davis KCStG met Professor Tucker at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in November 2023 to pick up this private donation from the professors own stock of medical devices.

The items were an Ophthalmic Retinal/Vascular Identifying system with extra accompanying computerised system, A medical electronic multi signal plotting system with built in visual screen, a suction machine and 11 ECG machines.

The Ophthalmic System and accompanying system, 2 ECG machines, the suction machine and electronic multi signal system were then taken to Stevenage and donated to the Coptic Church who will send the equipment to one of their medical units either in Egypt, Bolivia or Tanzania.

The remaining the ECG machines were then taken to Wales and placed in the secure store, ready to be added to the other medical items to be sent to Ukraine, bought by funds raised from the recent Gala Event in London.

This is a perfect example of how our Order demonstrates its chivalric charitable imperatives through influence, seeking partnerships and ‘getting on and doing‘ our duty to serve those who need assistance and care throughout the world.

Our most profound thanks must go to Professor Tucker for such beneficence and kindness.

Our thanks also must go to Mr Ian Evans for his most efficient transportation service.

Our photo shows from left to right: Mr  Ian Evans; Professor Art Tucker and Chev. Roger D’Elia.