If you are a Knight/Dame Expectant of the Order (KStG or DStG)

(Until they have attended an investiture, all Knights/Dames are called Knights (or Dames) Expectant and wear our neck jewel with black ribbon. This is no way alters their status within the Order.)

If this is the first Investiture you have attended at Knight/Dame Expectant grade, you will be formally invested into the Order. The Investiture is preceded by a short vigil which all Knight/Dame candidates are expected to attend.

The mantle (gown) forms an essential part of the regalia for all members of the Order who are being invested as Knights/Dames or above.

The first time a Knight/Dame attends an investiture they need to buy a mantle in order to be invested into the Order.

The Knights/Dames neck jewel with blue ribbon is also presented at the first time the Knight/Dame attends an investure. There is no charge for the neck jewel.

If you have previously received an Officer’s neck jewel, please wear it at the Investiture. It will be replaced with the neck jewel appropriate to your new rank when you are invested at your new rank.

The mantle you order will be presented to you at the Investiture. It will NOT be mailed to you in advance.

Please use the link below to order a mantle. If you need to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please contact the Grand Treasurer.


If you are an Officer of the Order (OStG)

You will be formally welcomed into the Order at your first Investiture.

Please wear your neck jewel (with the black ribbon) for the Investiture.

Please note that Officers do not wear mantles, so no further purchase is needed.

General Information

The itinerary for the Investiture is available here.


Dress code

The dress code for the Investiture service and the post-investiture banquet is formal. (Morning dress; uniform; national dress.) Lounge suit or equivalent permitted if formal wear not available. All members of the Order should wear their regalia (including mantles for those who have them). Please note that an earlier version of this page erroneously stated that dinner jacket/tuxedo could be worn. This was incorrect as dinner jacket/tuxedo should only be worn for evening events. Full details of regalia protocol and dress code are available here.

The dress code for the pre-investiture dinner and AGM/seminar is smart casual.


Suggestions for hotels are available here. (Please note the Order cannot book hotels and other services.)


Buy a Mantle (£150) – for Knights/Dames Expectant and above only