Joining the Order

We grow the Order by nominating worthy individuals for membership. Nomination for membership in the Order recognizes and celebrates achievements in the community, whether large or small. Membership is an honour that will only be awarded to people who deserve it; they should be people who have changed things for the better.

If you know someone who demonstrates these accomplishments, please consider proposing them for membership of the Order by filling in the form below. 

Nominating more than one person is entirely acceptable, as is nominating family members.

If your nomination is approved, the Order will write to your nominee advising them of their nomination and inviting them to join. It is usually beneficial if you talk to your nominee first and tell them about the Order, so that they know what to expect and agree to being nominated. You can use our calling card and/or our mini brochure to help brief your nominee. We will aim to keep you informed about the progress of your nomination(s).


The United Kingdom Grand Priory has responsibility for membership in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The Americas Grand Priory has responsibility for membership in north and south America and the Caribbean.


We also accept petitions from individuals who do not have a nominator. Please fill in this on-line form if you wish to join the Order and do not have a nominator. (You will need to email us a copy of your CV to complete the application.) 


Please note that the names of candidates are gazetted (published) on this page. This is in order for existing members to make any comments, which will be received in confidence, on the suitability of any candidate.


Download a nomination form for proposing someone for membership

Download a petition form (for nominating yourself)

Link to on-line petition form (for nominating yourself)

Gazette page

Download a copy of our leaflet

Download a copy of the Order’s calling card