About Saint George

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Stories of Saint George, the patron saint of chivalry, have been recounted in many lands for seventeen centuries. It is believed that the historical figure of George was born in Cappadocia (present-day Turkey) around AD 280. He enlisted in the Roman army under the emperor Diocletian and soon exhibited skills sufficient to warrant promotion to […]

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Remembering the heroes of D-Day

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Our Director of Membership, Keith Homewood (dressed as a Major in the Royal Tank Regiment) with Scouts from Guildford, and members of a WW2 re-enactment group, teaching the Scouts using artefacts, uniforms and weapons, about the significance of D Day for our freedom and for them as scouts. The theme being the tragedy of war […]


Facets of St. George

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In co-operation with the Royal Society of St. George and other organizations we are developing an educational programme, called ‘Facets of St. George’ which uses different aspects of St. George – man, saint, and myth – as a tool for exploring history, chivalry, and the value of legend and storytelling, and putting these in a modern context. […]


St George’s Day at Haslemere school

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Our Director of Innovation, Nick Hitchcliffe organized a St. George’s themed activity recently at Camelsdale School in Haslemere, Surrey, for the Haslemere Schools Colouring Competition and St George’s Day. Nick used his Royal Society of St. George Council Member jewel, and cape and jewel of the Order of St. George to create interest, excitement and enthusiasm for the event. […]