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Responding to the Iraq crisis

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With the fight against Islamic State terror in northern Iraq reaching new levels of ferocity, there are real dangers of a massive humanitarian crisis among innocent people fleeing the fighting and in the villages and towns liberated from IS. Up to one and a half million people are still living in IS-occupied Mosul. The majority […]

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Christmas conviviality

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The Order returned to the Savoir Faire Restaurant in the heart of London’s West End for another successful Yuletide gourmet lunch. “We had a wonderful Christmas lunch yesterday,” reports Dame Simone Simmons. “Everyone was in good humour, and a great time was had by all! We raised a really respectable sum for St.George’s church, Baghdad in the […]


Now eye see you

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A direct appeal resulted in the Order of St George providing an ophthalmoscope for the Eye Clinic in Baghdad. This piece of equipment is critical for early Ophthalmic Intervention and will help identify and deliver valuable Ophthalmic Services to those with the greatest need. We are committed to continuing this support into the future and […]