“The first (of the chivalric Orders) was probably the Order of St.George … It was a brotherly union of knights who swore to defend the realm and protect the king, and to follow him in ‘pastimes and knightly sports’ – doubtless a reference to tournaments they contested.”

Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry
page 110

The ancient and military order the Order of St. George, the first of the chivalric orders, was founded on St. George’s Day 1326 by King Károly Róbert of Hungary.

This means, of course, that 2026 will mark the 700th Anniversary of the founding of the original Order of St. George.

Today, there are various Orders of St. George in several countries. All are united in our common heritage, dating back to 1326, the inspiration of St George, and the code of chivalry that he embodies. Our 700th anniversary provides a unique opportunity for the various Orders of St. George to come together in friendship and co-operation as we celebrate this unique milestone as one family.

2026 may seem some time off, but it will in fact soon be upon us, so we need to start planning now.

To facilitate this, the Septcentenary Council has been established with the aim of having representation from all the active Orders of St. George.

More details of our Septcentenary plans will appear on this page in due course.