About Saint George

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Stories of Saint George, the patron saint of chivalry, have been recounted in many lands for seventeen centuries. It is believed that the historical figure of George was born in Cappadocia (present-day Turkey) around AD 280. He enlisted in the Roman army under the emperor Diocletian and soon exhibited skills sufficient to warrant promotion to […]

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An Icon of Protection

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Since Old Testament times men and women have, in times of trouble, put a sign of protection on their doors to guard against evil. Our Order of St. George icon shows our Patron slaying a coronavirus-ridden dragon. If you would like a copy, please email or write to BM The Order of St. George, London […]


Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry

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The Complete Illustrated History of Knights & the Golden Age of Chivalry Charles Phillips This colourful and informative book makes the perfect gift for a family member – or just for your own bookshelf. Packed with information about the history and practice of chivalry and the role of the knight, plus plenty of details about […]