The Coptic community

The Copts of Egypt and the Middle East form one of the most ancient Christian communities in the world. Today, in the aftermath of the ill-named ‘Arab Spring’, they face an uncertain future.

The Order of St.George works closely with the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in the UK to provide funds for their vital work in Egypt.

Speaking about the importance and meaning of our links with the Coptic Church, Grand Herald Steve Nimmons said: “it has been a moving experience and pleasure to visit the Coptic Church Centre and to share in the ancient traditions of the Coptic Faith. The openness, welcome and great sense of hospitality was truly wonderful, the visit to St. George’s Cathedral and the very generous time given over to questions, provided the visitors with a greater depth of understanding of Coptic traditions and the persecution it sadly suffers in less tolerant regions of the world. The Cathedral is exceedingly impressive, as is the self-determination and self-assurance of the community, and the warmth and generosity of our welcome and acceptance.”