The Order’s Educational Scholarship Fund has become a ‘life liberator’ for many families in Moshi, Tanzania.

Now welcoming its sixth cohort of scholars, the Kilimanjaro Information Technology Centre’s programme aims to counter gender based violence and the disadvantages many young women face in Tanzania. As well as class-based tuition, the girls also benefit from practical training in the catering and hotel management business. We’ve already seen many of the girls who graduate from the programme go straight into work, and many of them are employed by the hotels where they do their field work and industrial training.

Recently, a recent high-end restaurant in Moshi approached KITC to hire most of the girls who have just completed their training in 2021 but, unfortunately or fortunately, they could only find 4 girls because all the other others had already been employed elsewhere!

Several girls have migrated to Dodoma, Mwanza, Iringa, Mtwara, and other regions in Tanzania after they were invited by hotels to work there – proof that the programme has become a reliable labour training and recruitment resource.

When they approached us they said it is because we produce the best results and that many employers in the hospitality industry want to hire our graduates. This good news has energized and encouraged KITC to continue providing skills and education to the girls on the programme.

The 2022 cohort has 29 girls, many of whom have themselves had children at a very young age and who in many cases were denied educational opportunities as a result.

Others come from very poor families who live on the equivalent of 50 half a dollar per day and could not afford to send them to secondary schools after completing primary education. The programme has identified the girls who mostly need our skills education after thorough investigation and home visits.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors who continue to trust and sponsor this programme”, says Onesmo Ngowi, Executive Vice President of the Kilimanjaro Information Technology College. “I know that you have a lot they can do with the money that you are giving us but, thanks God, you have decided to donate to our programme. We promise that every dollar or pound donated will go straight to fulfilling the mission of KITC in supporting our scholarship programme!”

Hear from the girls

We were delighted to receive these videos from girls who have completed their training with the help of sponsorship from the Order.VICTORIA'S STORYVictoria*, 16, is eight months pregnant. She lives near Moshi Municipal in rural Tanzania. This is her story.  "I finished Primary 7, and then went to stay with my father for Form One. I only started term 1 at a Day Secondary School. During the...

The Order of St. George Educational Scholarship Fund

The Order of St. George Educational Scholarship Fund

The Order of St. George Educational Scholarship Fund aims to help eliminate educational poverty in Tanzania by providing young women a way to escape from Gender Based Violence, complete their education and become productive citizens of Tanzania. Many young girls are affected by various forms of Gender Based Violence just because they were born female. Gender Based Violence comes in many...

Books for Africa

Books for Africa

The Order of St George is organizing a book drive in support of the teachers and students at Kilimanjaro Information Technology College in Moshi, Tanzania. The aim is to provide educationally enriching reading materials to teachers and students at the college, which currently has no library. Once set up, the library will not only serve the college but also local elementary and high schools, most...