We were delighted to receive these videos from girls who have completed their training with the help of sponsorship from the Order.


Victoria*, 16, is eight months pregnant. She lives near Moshi Municipal in rural Tanzania. This is her story.

 “I finished Primary 7, and then went to stay with my father for Form One. I only started term 1 at a Day Secondary School. During the holidays, I went to Moshi town to see my mother. But I found that she is too poor.

 “Someone came, and he started telling me things. I met him in April during the Easter break; he was a shopkeeper, and 28 years old. And I started asking because we were poor, but when they give you, they take. And I agreed. I didn’t know I was pregnant when I came back to school. 

“But then I found out. My father told me, ‘You have to leave my house. You go to your aunt.’ He’s done providing me with care. He told me that he doesn’t have money he can waste on me. And he told me to leave the school.

“I wanted to kill myself, because of this problem. But my aunt told me, ‘You’ll live, and you’ll stay with me. You can stay here. We will fight and struggle.’

One day our neighbour told me about what KITC is doing to help marginalized girls like me and so, I have decided that after giving birth, I will stay with my aunt, and will apply for one of the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Programmes at KITC. I pray that at least, I will be accepted so that I can start over my life once again.”

Victoria says that her friends haven’t come to see her since she got pregnant and she doesn’t know why. She has been asking herself, but she doesn’t know why they don’t come.

 “I want my baby to be a policeman, to provide security. I want to help others; if I see him providing security to others, me too, I will become happy. And I want to become a hotelier to serve peoples’ needs and if possible own my own eatery. I want to be faithful to my son, or if she’s a girl, providing her with what she wants, in order to reach her goals”, says Victoria.


* We have changed Victoria’s name to protect her privacy.


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